Home of Downeast Mike - Living Rent Free in Frank Norwood's space!
Home of Downeast Mike - Living Rent Free in Frank Norwood's space!

Welcome to the Frank Norwood  and Downeast Mike Roadshow!


Frank Norwood - A Singer-Songwriter with a Podcast. It's a one-man variety show cobbled together with all the care of a welded up Moose replica you'd find Downeast.


From a distance it'll look like a moose, but up close you'll see the antlers are from the kid's old bicycle and the body is from Aunt Esther's Dodge Dart.


So it goes with Frank's music and podcast...if you have a few minutes to waste he'll be more than happy to provide you with fresh, quirky, clean and dry Downeast humor.

And maybe lean just within earshot to hear an enthusiastic and heartfelt tune. https://anchor.fm/frank-w-norwood https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/downeast-mike/id1610092577 franknorwood.com downeastmike.com


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 Downeast Mike Episode 75 *News & Commentary* January 28th, 2023

Our Motto: Some of this is whimsy – some of this is true – the interpretation of it all is entirely up to you!

Did you know? Downeast Mike contains no mean words!

Just wholesome goodness from Downeast Maine. A Historical Literary Auditory Candy Store.

Thank you for listening! Please send your birthday wishes, comments and requests to mike(@)downeastmike.com

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Downeast Mike EP3 2-18-22 *News/Commentary - Offshore Coal, Russians, PJ O'Rourke and Moon Over Cobbossee

The classic short film, "The Young Writer", starring Nelson Norwood as the Reverend and Frank Norwood as the Young Writer.